How to Change Combination on American Security AmSec ESL 10 - 20 Safe Lock


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  • JQ Machgunner
    JQ Machgunner  2 years back

    Are the ESL10-20 locks EMP rated?

    • TruthDecay
      TruthDecay  3 years back

      Ok I have an esl 10 and the combo is no longer worker. I called company and changed battery's to Duracell .. Nothing.. Now what?? I gotta call a locksmith to charge me more than the safe it worth along with breaking it??

      • Steven Riggle
        Steven Riggle  5 months back

        Is this Factory code the only Factory code used for the esl 10-20 digital locks?

      • Robyn Price (BV)
        Robyn Price (BV)  2 years back

        I took the old key pad to an Am Sec dealer and it failed on his safe, as well. So I bought a new keypad for $200 and installed it, watched a how to video to install the new key pad and watched another how to video and changed the code. No need for a $900 locksmith job making a hole in my safe.

      • TruthDecay
        TruthDecay  3 years back

        @Wayne Winton thank u for the response. at this point there's nothing in it.. It's bolted to the floor in a rental apartment and needs to go or functional. I called amsec. They said a licensed locksmith can call them and get an override code. Oh well thanks again

      • Wayne Winton
        Wayne Winton   3 years back

        TruthDecay if you want your stuff from the safe, than yes